State Lines Define

by Panic Manor

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PANIC MANOR would like to thank the following for their help and support, & making this release possible!

Trent Arant, Athena Chmielewski, Rachel Fairburn, Randall Farragher, Kory Gable, Terrell Hannah, Travis Hill, Nick Laws, Michael Lechner, Drew LeClair, George Marston, Jessie Marston, Sarah Marston, Ali Mayfield, James Miller, David Minor, Andrea Morse, Matt Moulton, Dylan Newman, John Parlett, Eric Parton, Michael Phillips, Brian Puckett (& the Little Heart Records Group), Cara Reed, Alice Rim, Heather Svajhart, Randy Tatel, Holden Taylor, June Taylor (& Margo!), Greg Wariner, Corey White, Mark Whitmore, Danny Yuk, & and anyone else that our terrible memory caused us to forget.

Huge thanks to the dudes (& dudettes) in Burns Like Fire, Atrium, On My Honor, Signs of Iris, and Above the Underground.


released November 27, 2012

Engineered by Tony Anderson, Chris Jay, Steven Bryant, & other staff at Full Sail University
Mixed by Steven Bryant
Mastered by Mark Peteritas @ Working Man's Productions



all rights reserved


Panic Manor Augusta, Georgia

Panic Manor is a hard working rock band from Augusta, Georgia!

Steven - Guitar/Vocals
Liz - Bass/Vocals
Ben - Drums

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Track Name: Excuse Me, Gentlemen
What a mess I'm bringing out
I'm calling out for all the times you left us underground
But don't forget, your words have got me
So spent from the pursuit of city lights

So forget these roots, forge these ties
Another miscommunications, and no one heard our cries
So burnt out from all this selfless pride

Short fused, I refuse to let this die
Took for granted all it took to get it right
We feel alive, these caution signs are overrated
State lines define a silver lining
Hard times provide the worst timing
Don't lie, my first impression never faded

The reaction of time and trial
We raise an anthem to the eastern sky
Loss and gain, the pains of honor at stake

Don't lose focus, you almost had it
You almost wrote me off

We all need some way to right these wrongs
Track Name: Three, Two, One
You say that I should walk the line
But it's so easy just to lie
Now I commit, look in my eyes
Now look at me, who's more defined?
Break the ties, make your mind
And stay on your own side

As we go our separate ways
Never forget today
Hold on, don't let go
The grip grows numb and we grow strong

You destroyed all the framework in me
Count down the seconds until we're gone

Count down the seconds until we're gone
Count places, traces, we're moving on
Nobody knows where we went wrong
Nobody knows how we were wrong

Converge once again
With stories to tell
Badges on our arms
Tell of when we stood our ground
Track Name: Mechanical Living
We walk a strange road paved by indecencies you leave
Now I'm just stranded, looking for any part of me
Take me out, walk the line
A failure by design, leave me out to dry
Map it out, lost at sea
You never saw the best of me

Remember when we were all alive
When dreams were good enough to drive
Recall when love was a driving force
And we had hope from this unstable source
So take a line, press it out
Then you can tell me what you're all about
I might be hopeless, but you can keep your trust in me

You can keep your trust in me
I've given you everything
And I want nothing in return
For the things we gave
I hope you find your way to me

I see a spark
But I won't speak of my intentions
A clever line, an evil thought
It should probably go unmentioned

Procreate the scene we make
Just like they told you, you'll never make it out
But look who's laughing now

Take this message state to state
Draw a line, you know how to make this go down
You know how we do

Put your hands together
Introduce the let downs for the in-crowds
That never lost their place
But they lost face for me

If what I know, I keep alone
I won't be left with just broken hope
I'm on my feet, I'll take what I need
If what I know, I keep to myself
I won't be like anyone else
I'm on my feet
I hope you find your way to me
Track Name: Count Me Out
Step away
I'm on the edge
Don't hold your breath
You win again
I believe, despite all of the things I've seen

To live for anything
Or die without a change in me
You never saw it coming
I believe, despite all of the things I've seen

So what's become of me?
I'm selling myself short
All that I ever do
Is take chances I can't afford
So what's become of me?
I'm selling myself short
I'm right on the edge

Screaming, "Won't you run with me if our walls came crashing?"
I'm living on the thought that you're never returning
If it's thought that counts, then you can count me out
If it's thought that counts, then you can count me out

Through closed doors and starry nights
Through vacant eyes in troubled times
I stayed convinced we'd make it in time
Now I know what's holding me
Back from what we couldn't be
I guess it looks like mom and dad were right

Sorry for the letters sent
It's taking it's toll again
Swallowed by your apathy
But you never meant that much to me
Track Name: Tuesday
Complicated with misfortune
Don't believe a word they say
We are all here, lost and dying
Left to go our separate ways
My home is a place where judgement
Is based on past, not present day
We are awake
Take me away

I feel alive for the first time
Liberation's in our sight
We walk away from what has died
Leaving our past behind
So let me go, just for tonight
I'm taking back everything that was mine